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Consulting and engineering in innovative sectors and high technology

As a reliable partner of the most innovative projects of its customers in France and in more than 10 countries in Europe, Innovateam provides solutions for each phase of the customers' technological projects.

With more than 200 consultants , INNOVATEAM displays an ambitious growth strategy in industrial sectors where the use of key technological competences is a driver for success.


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Daily High-technology

Innovateam operates in six high-tech environments.



INNOVATEAM is proud to be a major player in the pharmaceutical and medical sector in France and Belgium.

We do our utmost to provide a realiable customer service through several projects ranging from the development of tomography systems to medical record management tools.

Our consultants also take part in value-added projects in the area of analytical and organic chemistry. They provide expertise in validation and qualification of equipement and medical devices. Finally, they monitor production and process improvement projects of our medical and pharmaceutical clients.



We accompany the major actors from the automotive and railway sectors since our creation. .

We develop strong partnerships with car manufacturers and suppliers to accompany them on their most innovative projects in mechanical, electronics and electrical environments.

We actively take part in the development of the future intelligent, connected and eco-friendly transportation systems as well as the development of self-driving cars.




INNOVATEAM accompanies its customers in the Oil & Gas environments on  EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement, Construction),in Subsea, Off-shore and On-shore environments. Our consultants take part in the design of structures and equipments, piping design, process management, package management, installation supervision, comissioning, expediting, Health & Safety management and civil engineering.

We also accompany the major players in the nuclear sector, especially in their mechanical development and dismantling projects.





INNOVATEAM accompanies its customers in the defense industrie on innovative projects related to connectivity, defense operations simulations in changing environments.

We also delivers solutions on the operational maintenance of equipment, process optimisation and performance management.




INNOVATEAM provides technical solutions during the projects of the major players from the aerospace and space industry.

Our consultants take part in the complete V-model lifecycle of products development. They provide solutions on the developments of calculators, electromechanical actuators, flight control laws and oxygen masks.





Technological innovation  has been a significant source of growth for the telecommunication and connected devices sectors. Digitalization, mobility and connectivity trends are part of our daily lifes.

INNOVATEAM accompanies its customers looking for innovation and operates in IHM topics (Man Machine interface), connectivity and web development.



5 competence centers


This division is responsible for the development of technical IT projects such as the design and the development of test bench softwares with the use of programing languages (C, C++, Java, j2se) operating under Windows, Unix, Linux or Labwindows.

Moreover, this division implements scientific computing projects such as the modelisation of physical fenomena, propagating process and behavior of materials.

 Finally, instrumentation and distributed control systems are also part of this division. For example, we provide expertise on vehicle dynamics and control engines


This division adresses all the embedded technologies related-projects. The development or design of electronic, analog and digital cards is based on the use of components such as microcontrollers, Digital signal processors (DSP) or FPGAs.

The embedded software is developed in C, C++ or Java programing languages.

All the phases of the V-model lifecycle are covered in this division:

> Concept of operations, requirements and architecture definition. 
> Design, development and coding
> Validation and integration

Competences in communication buses (CAN, I2C, MOST SPI, RS232, RFID, … )  and in connected devices development (Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee…) can be found in this division. 


This department is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This will take into account the problems of designing production units, pharmaceutical process techniques, clean room design, production optimization, HSE, process support, laboratories.

We also work on process audits, recommendations for FDA compliance, equipment definition and support for technological choices.

INNOVATEAM has Interdisciplinary Teams in the pharmaceutical field, which encourage innovative thinking in the fields of pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology engineering and life sciences engineering.


The management and consulting division is in charge of the complete lifecycle of industrial projects and ensures the management of technical and organisational activities. :

> During the development phases of the projects , our competences are centered on project management, planning, RAMS, project quality, project purchasing and HSE management. 

> Our activities development are based on strong competences in industrialization, production management, logistics, procurement and lean manufacturing. 

Our consulting division conducts project management activities such as change management, systems deployment, tools and methods, technical support and audit services.

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Founded in 2005, INNOVATEAM has experienced years of consistent growth and develops an ambitious strategy for the years to come.


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