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Acteur de l'Innovation Responsable*

As engineers, we shape the world with our contributions to the technological breakthroughs that are revolutionizing energy, transportation, telecommunications, and healthcare.

That leadership role also means shouldering responsibility for how progress impacts our planet and taking action to limit its negative effects.

There’s nothing incompatible about those two facets of our business. In fact, we see them as inseparable.

GET SOME AIR* with Innovateam!
*AIR : Responsible Engineering for a Better Future


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Daily High-technology

Innovateam operates in six high-tech environments.



INNOVATEAM is proud to be a major player in the pharmaceutical and medical sector in France and Belgium.

From tomography analysis systems to the development of medical record management tools, we make every effort to provide a service where the slightest failure is excluded.

Our consultants are involved in ambitious projects in analytical and organic chemistry through sample analysis activities in major laboratories. They are also the driving force behind proposals in the fields of equipment validation/qualification and the regulations behind medical devices. Finally, some of them bring their expertise to production management and process improvement for our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.



We have accompanied the largest players in the automotive and railway sectors since our beginnings.

Manufacturers and equipment manufacturers call on us to intervene on their innovative projects, whether in mechanics, electronics or electricity. We participate in the development of tomorrow's intelligent, connected and low-polluting vehicles. We are also involved in projects for driverless vehicles.



INNOVATEAM assists its clients in the Oil & Gas sector in their EPC activities (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), in Subsea, Offshore and Onshore: dimensioning of structures and equipment, piping design, process, package management, installation, commissioning, expediting, QHSE, civil engineering...

We also support the world's leading nuclear players, particularly in their mechanical development, but also dismantling and decommissioning projects.



In a fast-changing environment, INNOVATEAM assists its customers in the defense sector on innovation projects in critical environment, connectivity, operations simulation. We also assist them in maintaining equipment in operational condition as well as in process optimization and performance management.



INNOVATEAM is involved in projects for the world's leading aerospace companies.

Our consultants are involved in the entire V-shaped product cycle. From the computer to the electromechanical actuator, including the creation of flight control laws or the development of oxygen masks.



Technological innovation is the source of development in the telecommunication and the connected objects sectors. Digitalisation, mobility and connectivity surround us every day.

INNOVATEAM helps these actors in the search for innovation and intervenes in the fields of HMI, connectivity and web development.

5 competence centers


This division implements product and process development in addition to design skills.

This involves taking into account mechanical or thermal dimensioning constraints, in particular through the use of CAD tools (Catia, Solidworks) and/or calculation tools (finite elements: Ansys, Radioss or Abaqus).

We also work on the simulation and dimensioning of equipment with software such as HYSYS or PRO II.

INNOVATEAM has also developed a strong expertise in the field of plastics processing, in particular through partnerships with specialized schools. We bring our customers our experience in injection tools, post-processing and specific processes.


This division addresses, on the one hand, technical IT projects: the design and development of test bench control software using high-level languages (C, C++, Java j2se) under Windows, Unix, Linux or Labwindows.

On the other hand, this division implements projects in scientific computing: modelling of physical phenomena, propagation and laws of material behaviour.

Finally, instrumentation and control are also present in the framework of this pole of competence (for example: the study of vehicle dynamics or engine control).


This division covers onboard technologies. The development and design of electronic, digital or analogue boards are carried out based on components such as microcontrollers, DSP or FPGA. Embedded software is designed and developed in C, C++ or Java.

All phases of the V cycle are supported:

> Specification and architecture
> Design, development and coding
> Validation and integration

Skills in communication buses (CAN, I2C, MOST SPI, RS232, RFID, ... ) and connected equipment (Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ...) are widely spread within this cluster.This division adresses all the embedded technologies related-projects. The development or design of electronic, analog and digital cards is based on the use of components such as microcontrollers, Digital signal processors (DSP) or FPGAs.

The embedded software is developed in C, C++ or Java programing languages.

All the phases of the V-model lifecycle are covered in this division:

> Concept of operations, requirements and architecture definition. 
> Design, development and coding
> Validation and integration

Competences in communication buses (CAN, I2C, MOST SPI, RS232, RFID, … )  and in connected devices development (Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee…) can be found in this division. 


This division is dedicated to pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. In doing that, other issues must be taken into account such as production unit design, pharmaceutical process engineering, clean room design, production optimization, HSE, process support, laboratories.

We also work on Process Audits, Recommendations for FDA compliance, Definition of equipment as well as assistance in technological choices.

INNOVATEAM has interdisciplinary Teams in the pharmaceutical field, which encourage innovative thinking in the fields of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, and Life Science Engineering.


The management and consulting division enables us to take charge of industrial projects as a whole and to ensure the management of both organisational and technical activities:

> During the development phases, our skills are focused on project management and planning, as well as on cross-functional skills such as operating safety, project quality, project purchasing, Health, Safety and Environment.

> Our activities are organised around strong skills in industrialisation and production management, logistics and supply chain management, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Our Consulting activity enables us to steer projects in terms of change management, deployment of systems, tools and methods, technical support and auditing.


Main customers

They trust us and we are proud of it.
Thank you.

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CDI - Dakar, Sénégal


Project Manager (M/W)

Meanwhile at Innovateam...

Things are happening at Innovateam!
See for yourself...


Digital Conference

We organized our first digital conference around Women's Innovation. The perfect excuse to share a beer while Ludivine presented us her beautiful innovative project: MyEli, a start-up that is just beggining to surprise us !


Renewal certification Happy@Work

Our ChooseMyCompany certification with the Happy@Work label has been renewed for the 6th consecutive year with a nice score of 4.02/5!

A huge thank you to all our InnovActors for their trust and their commitment during this unpublished period.


Our First Digital Event

The current situation has led us to reinvent ourselves and it's a success ! We shared a real moment of conviviality with more than a hundred InnovActors connected through TEAMS for our first annual e-party.

A big thank you to Benoît Loizeau for his mentalism, who was able to blow our mind. See you next year, hopefully, for a "real life" event !



Best Wishes

INNOVATEAM wishes you all the best for this new year. 


2020 Annual Party

On January 16, 2020, the GoodPlanet Foundation welcomed more than 150 InnoVActors to celebrate Innovateam's 15th anniversary.

This venue was not chosen at random, as it marks our commitment as the first engineering consulting company to commit to the environment by overcompensating the carbon footprint of each of our InnoVActors, in their professional and private lives.

Our new signature "Engineer & Citizen" represents a new era at Innovateam, where people and the planet will be our priorities.

It will be driven by our values; commitment, passion, caring and excellence.

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Founded in 2005, INNOVATEAM is experiencing sustained growth and is developing an ambitious strategy.

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