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Innovateam is the first engineering consultancy group to offset the carbon footprint of all its employees.

Together, let's assume our responsibilities and build a more responsible future.

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We offset our employees' carbon footprint

We offset the carbon footprint of all our InnovActors in their professional and personal lives by planting trees, based on the average annual emissions of our employees.

C02/overcompensated employees
0 tons
Planted since 2018
+ 0 trees
dedicated to the creation of a forest currently being acquired
0 land

We support associations that share our values

To reinforce our policy of combating global warming, preserving the environment and promoting well-being, we provide financial support to these associations.

Wings of the ocean

Founded in 2018, this association fights plastic pollution with the aim of preserving living things.


The Foundation's mission is to raise awareness of current environmental and social issues.

Team for The Planet

This start-up relies on collective fund-raising to finance innovative projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases on a global scale. In 2022, we bought 10,000 shares.

Hope Association

Hope is an association that supports women during and after cancer through equitherapy and numerous artistic workshops.

We take eco-responsible action on a daily basis

To strive for the greatest possible sobriety, we implement eco-responsible gestures every day to reduce our impact on the environment.

Less paper
We dematerialize numerous documents (administrative files, contracts, CRM, etc.).
Lots of recycling
  • Used paper as draft
  • Surgical masks with Plaxtil
  • Coffee grounds with Les Joyeux Recycleurs (already + 120kg recycled since January 2022).
Decarbonized mobility
  • Replacing internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles in the Paris region
  • Provision of an electric bike for consultants to commute to and from work.

We support enthusiasts in their practice

We provide financial support for female athletes, enabling them to advance their careers and establish their place as women in sport. At the same time, we support ARECE, a student association founded by young engineers to nurture young talent.

We sponsor ARECE, an ECE student association, the first French Formula Student team in the autonomous category.

We sponsor Héloïse Pégourié, champion kiteboarder, on her way to the 2024 Olympic Games.


We support Charlotte in her passion for riding. Novateam, our little filly, was born in June 2023!

Thanks to our actions, we have been awarded Greenbeing certification, which attests to our positive impact on the environment.

Jean David Guedj Jean-David Guedj

CEO and founder

"Since its creation in 2005, Innovateam has been pushing the boundaries of progress a little further, and continues to grow while reducing its carbon footprint and that of the industry."

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